I woke up crying because I forgot I couldn’t talk to you. You were in my dreams last night. I hope you find what you want, because I’m losing what I need. I deserve you and no one else. I had so much to tell you yesterday but now i can’t tell you anything. I love you.

You never hurt until now. I still think it’s a dream, it doesn’t feel real. Come back.

I hate myself so much. I love you, goodnight.

It finally started raining for me today and I have no umbrella

I want this to be a bad dream, please


The Front Bottoms - Twelve Feet Deep
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twelve feet deep // the front bottoms

since when did “i wanna hear your voice” not become a good excuse?
calling you three in the morning, laugh at sleep that we’ll both lose
maybe college won’t work out, i can come live at your house
i’m supposed to be in class now but my roommate just passed out


moon, you’re beautiful no matter what shade of red you wear